I Love M1lk

A Greater Manchester Milkshake

In the beginning there was M1LKSHAKE!

Picture the scene, an (unusually) rainy day in Manchester, sat in a dull office drinking weak dispensed coffee, thinking about last years epic adventure travelling around the world.

In particular reminiscing about being sat in our favourite diner hang out, tunes playing with all the travelling crew. This place did your usual everyday milkshakes, strawberry/chocolate for instance but with a twist, they added wicked toppings like Oreo cookie, brownie chunks and more...

This really struck a chord with me and remembering seeing a manky old blender in the cupboard of the hostel kitchen, we started mixin! Before we knew it, we‘d gone through about 15 different types of chocolate bars and that was only touching the surface!

Coffee down the sink, tie in bin, goodbye 9 to 5, LET THE MILKSHAKE MIXIN BEGIN!

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